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Producer® eHARP™ CVD

Applied Producer eHARP (enhanced High Aspect Ratio Process) is a new non-plasma based CVD oxide film that addresses the gap fill requirements for STI at the 4xnm node and beyond.

The eHARP film improves upon the first-generation HARP film gap-fill capability by introducing water vapor to the TEOS/ozone chemistry during the deposition process. This results in a more tightly packed, denser film that enables seamless, void-free gap fill in features with aspect ratios >12:1. eHARP is proven for 32nm logic gap fill and applications in 4xnm devices, which address vertical profiles and designs with complex 3D island features. eHARP is the first CVD solution qualified for STI fill at 4xnm flash.

eHARP's TEOS/ozone based processes also enhance transistor performance with minimal integration complexity or cost by depositing strain inducing films that can significantly increase transistor drive current in logic devices and retention times in memory devices, with minimal integration complexity or cost. The Applied eHARP film is available on the production-proven, high-throughput, Producer platform that can process up to six wafers simultaneously in three Twin® Chambers.