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Applied Solion® XP Ion Implanter

  • Enables the manufacture of cost-effective high efficiency silicon solar cells
  • Uniform, single-sided, defect free p-n junction formation on p-type or n-type wafers
  • High throughput 2D in–situ patterned doping
  • 3000 WPH processing with high uptime and repeatability
  • Improved yield and binning due to better uniformity and fewer process steps
  • The only implant technology that supports advanced high efficiency solar cell structures
Applied Solion® XP Ion Implanter

Designed specifically for PV manufacturing, the next generation Applied Solion XP ion implantation system features new architecture enabling high efficiency crystalline silicon PV cell manufacturing and low cost of ownership. Unique precision scanning and scalable design enables processing of greater than 3,000 wafers-per-hour with high uptime and reliability, allowing significant reduction in cost per wafer.

The Solion XP Implanter’s multiple pass vertical scanning architecture with closed loop control ensures wafer to wafer repeatability for improved binning and yield. Implant’s single-sided doping creates highly uniform junctions, resulting in tightly distributed cell properties and higher overall electrical yield. By eliminating additional steps for dopant patterning, PSG clean, and edge isolation, mechanical yield is further improved.

Solion XP implant technology with 2D in-situ patterning precisely controls dopant depth, dose and placement of Phosphorous and Boron, enabling highly efficient activation and lower overall thermal budget for advanced cell structures on next-generation N-type substrates.