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Applied SmartWeb®

Applied Materials' SmartWeb roll-to-roll sputter system provides advanced multi-process capability by incorporating a wide variety of film processing options in a highly flexible modular design. Its unique design addresses many new emerging applications in flexible electronics such as touch-panel screens, photovoltaics and flexible solar cells, flexible displays, flexible printed circuit board, medical devices and more.

The touch panel industry is a dynamic, rapidly-growing business and a key driver of growth for the flat panel display equipment market

Customers can configure the SmartWeb to suit their needs using state-of-the-art sputtering cathodes (planar and rotating targets, DC and AC powered), surface treatment sources, substrate heating or cooling modules, in-situ process monitors and controls, as well as other film processing technologies in a single system configuration.

The SmartWeb is extremely versatile, available in a range of sizes and able to handle a wide variety of substrates, from metal foils to thin polymer films. Because of its small footprint, low height and modular architecture, the SmartWeb is well suited for both laboratory environments and large scale production, and its clean room compatibility, makes it simple to operate, easy to maintain and the ideal production system to meet the challenges of emerging applications.