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Physical Vapor Deposition System for Color Filter

Designed to apply critical conductive and reflective coatings used in the flat panel display (FPD), the NEW ARISTO system has rapidly evolved to become the standard thin film deposition solution for FPD manufacturers. It runs deposition processes for the full range of today’s FPD technologies and accommodates glass sizes up to Gen 8+.

As a fully automated vertical in-line sputtering system, the NEW ARISTO provides the highest throughput in the industry. Automated loading and unloading capabilities, as well as our patented magnetic carrier transport system, permit significantly reduced cycle times. The advanced Rotary Cathode Technology completes the NEW ARISTO’s profile as an innovative and market proven mass production solution. The modular door concept, which allows for easy system upgrades, provides investment security. The New Aristo has become the standard and benchmark for large size Color Filter Mass Production Equipment throughout the display industry.