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AKT® Electron Beam Array Test

The AKT Electron Beam Array Test (EBT) system provides dynamic pixel and TFT characterization and functional tests of flat panel matrix in mass production. With minimal mechanical motion and field proven AKT PECVD systems technology, the AKT EBT TFT array tester realizes high-throughput, high-reliability, low scheduled down time and low running cost. The AKT-15K EBT, AKT-25K EBT and AKT-40K EBT feature fast, large area beam positioning, multi e-beams testing in parallel, high-throughput yields especially with larger size TFT-LCD displays for flat panel television.

The AKT-55K EBT system features seven electron beam guns to provide rapid, accurate pixel array testing. The system’s non-contact test technology ensures safe testing of high-value LCD TV panels without damaging or scratching the display.

AKT has eight major testing platforms from the AKT-1600 EBT for 360mm x 465mm substrates to the AKT-55K EBT for 2200mm x 2500mm class substrates, which are used to make TFT-LCD displays.