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Applied Materials Silicon Systems Group

Endura Amber PVD

Copper overhang around the openings of ultra-small vias at the 1xnm node precludes conventional PVD from achieving the sidewall and bottom seed layer coverage required for optimal electroplating. The new Endura Amber PVD system extends the current technology by augmenting PVD deposition with copper reflow to enable bottom-up fill.

UVision 5 Inspection

The UVision® 5 system is the newest member of the UVision wafer inspection product family, supporting the same proprietary core technology of deep ultraviolet (DUV) laser illumination, with simultaneous dual channel [brightfield (BF) reflected light and grayfield (GF) scattered light] collection optics.

Centura Avatar Etch

The Applied Avatar system combines step-to-step temperature tuning and control, which ensures the correct temperature set point and stability for each portion of the etch sequence, with triple-frequency power and multi-zone gas injection to attain aggressive etch depths with benchmark profile control. Customers can manufacture high performance, robust, next-generation devices at high throughput with 97% bottom-to-top CD ratios across the wafer and no sidewall bowing. Moreover, high-selectivity etch produces negligible loss of the underlying contact material.

Varian VIISta Trident

The new Applied Varian VIISta Trident system, the semiconductor industry’s most advanced single-wafer, high-current ion implant system. Used to engineer the electrical characteristics of the chip by embedding dopant atoms, the new VIISta Trident system is the only ion implanter proven to achieve the yields necessary for manufacturing high-performance, power-efficient logic chips at the 20nm node.

About Ion Implantation

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