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Previous Issues

Semiconductor fabs are on an ever-tightening schedule to deliver the latest components for consumer-electronics buying cycles. Product lifecycles are shorter and the business risk of being late is greater for each new cycle, so it is more important than ever for all of a fab’s resources to be in place and ready to go when needed.

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The semiconductor industry’s use of energy and other resources is increasing as wafer-processing grows more complex and as the industry expands production worldwide. In the face of rising costs and stringent government regulations, it is imperative to operate more efficiently.

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On November 10, Applied Materials celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. Marking 50 years in business is an exciting milestone for us. We look back over the past five decades and clearly we see a world transformed.

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The spares business at Applied Global Services is evolving, as fab managers seek greater assurance of supply and advanced technical sophistication from their parts suppliers.

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The era of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 promises significant opportunities to reduce cost, boost productivity and improve quality in microelectronics manufacturing. But it also presents the industry with new, unique challenges.

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Participants at a recent SEMI Austin forum discussed the need for better forecasting in a time of capacity constraints.

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Today’s fast-moving semiconductor industry does not give manufacturers the luxury of time. So while it’s certainly critical to increase factory productivity, it’s equally important to do so quickly.

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No one ever said life is easy, and that includes managing semiconductor fabs. But going through life with a good partner can make the journey better.

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The 5G wireless rollout, expected to occur over the next few years, will have a major impact on both the number and types of ICs in end-user devices, and on the base stations and repeaters needed to transmit the higher frequency signals.
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The cost of a new fab today can approach $10 billion, and such a high level of capital expenditure increases the importance of delivering a fast return on that investment. Now, a new early-stage fab-planning offering from the Applied Materials FabVantage™ Consulting group can help customers achieve faster, more efficient startups.

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