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Applied SmartFactory® Rx™ Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance
Prevent costly unscheduled downtime
Predictive Maintenance

SmartFactory Rx Predictive Maintenance prevents costly downtime.

  • Equipment performance modeling
  • Failure event prediction
  • Integration with maintenance and operations schedules

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Agnostic Modeling

Digital Transformation

Predictive Maintenance
Reduce the likelihood and cost of equipment failures (1 min 50)
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From Alert to Action
Respond more quickly to maintenance events (1 min 51)
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IIoT Manufacturing Platform: Integration (3 min 40)
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Equipment Health
Get Healthy Equipment, Without A Lot of Cardio (58 min)
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Predict, Don’t React
Drive adaptive maintenance and avoid down-time using your manufacturing data (59 min)
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Are You Running Your Equipment or Is Your Equipment Running You?
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