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The Applied SmartFactory is the most comprehensive control and productivity suite in manufacturing.

Applied SmartFactoryは、製造において最も包括的な制御と生産性を提供します。その技術は、世界中の量産工場において広く実証され、成熟した技術として認められています。Applied SmartFactoryは、生産状況を把握して次の最適な行動を予想し、対策を遂行します。歩留まりと生産能力を向上し、サイクルタイムとコストを削減することにより、利益性を高めることが可能になります。

Factory Automation Is The Key To Overcoming Productivity Challenges

Shekar Krishnaswamy shares insights on how factory automation at all levels — planning, scheduling, factory equipment control, and overall factory operations — can help significantly to improve cycle time, factory output, costs, and customer delivery.
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The Market’s Most Comprehensive Set Of Capabilities

Market demands require customers to create smarter factories by combining manufacturing intelligence with time sensitive action. Customers continue to rely on Applied Automation Software to improve product quality, increase factory performance, and maximize the performance of manufacturing equipment.
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Productivity Solutions

Learn how to shorten cycle time, manage bottlenecks and react in real-time by relying on Applied Materials Automation Software. See how our integrated productivity tools are designed to address dispatching, KPI reports and dashboards, and simulation challenges.
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