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化学気相成長(CVD)は、フラット パネル ディスプレイ(FPD)メーカーによって使用され、一般に「フィルム」と呼ばれる、層のほとんどを成膜します。フィルムは、誘電体(絶縁体)または半導体(不完全導体)として機能します。

During CVD processing, gases that contain the constituent atoms or molecules of the material to be deposited are introduced into the controlled environment of the process chamber. The reactive gases are dissociated in an RF Plasma to form reactive radicals or ions, which undergo chemical reactions for thin film on the heated substrate.

There are several kinds of CVD films. The most common in use for thin film transistor - liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs) are:

  • Silicon dioxide (SiOx)
  • Silicon nitride (SiNx)
  • Amorphous silicon (a-Si)
  • Low Temp Polysilicon Pre-cursor


Silicon dioxide and silicon nitride dielectrics act as insulators within the TFT structure and as the passivation layer. Amorphous silicon and polysilicon act as semi conductors partial conductors within the TFT.