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Total Kit Management™ (TKM)

Reduce costs and Optimize kitting and cleaning logistics. Applied’s TKM program will provide a customized kit of certified spares with best-in-class cleaning and coating services to reduce total cost of ownership (CoO).

Applied’s TKM program offers a kit management solution with turn-key spares, cleaning, and logistics capabilities. The TKM program offers industry leading advanced coatings to extend part lifetimes, reduce particles, and extend mean time between cleans. Customers with a TKM contract are provided with a steady flow of clean kits to eliminate kit shortages and spending spikes; kit charges include cleaning and are charged at the time of usage. Customers will also benefit from streamlined logistics and administrative tasks, lower overall costs, and part management flexibility. The TKM program offers kit availability and performance commitments. All customer types, leading edge and lower nodes, can benefit from participating in a TKM program.

Key Benefits of the Applied TKM

  • Streamlined logistics; one stop shop for kits
  • Reduced CoO
  • Kit availability and performance commitments