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PM Kitting™

Order, track, and receive a single kit of parts instead of ordering and tracking to a list of part numbers. Applied’s PM Kitting program assists in consolidating and administering the regular orders for preventive maintenance spare parts.

Applied’s PM Kitting product is a streamlined way to order, track, and receive a complete kit of parts you need for regular scheduled preventative maintenance. You specify the parts and your “customized” kit is assigned a single part number - making it easier to order and track the required parts. Applied PM Kitting customers will benefit from improved business efficiencies, increased uptime, and reduced costs. One customer saved more than 8 hours of parts order time per kit by switching to PM Kitting vs. ordering single part numbers.

Key Benefits of Applied PM Kitting

  • Increased Business Efficiencies
  • Increased Uptime
  • Reduced CoO