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The Right Product, to the Right Equipment, at the Right Time

The first scheduling system for semiconductor manufacturers that integrates lot arrival prediction with scheduling capabilities to immediately deliver accurate production schedules every few minutes.

What It Does

SmartSched is the semiconductor industry’s first short-interval predictive scheduling solution. It enables real-time evaluation of dynamic fab conditions to optimize wafer throughput, shorten delivery times, reduce operating costs and boost revenue. SmartSched uses proprietary predictive algorithms to continually evaluate data from multiple manufacturing and plant floor systems—upstream and downstream. It produces up-to-the-minute production schedule updates that reflect changing delivery priorities.

  • Improves lithography cell performance by predicting lot and reticle location

  • Reduces product variability

  • Reduces equipment setup and waiting time for send-ahead wafers

  • Optimizes tool time

  • Integrates scheduling with lot-arrival prediction to reduce high-priority lot cycle time

What It Offers

Unlike homegrown scheduling solutions, which are expensive to develop, scale and maintain, SmartSched offers the first scheduling solution that predicts where lots and reticles will be at critical processing times, enabling immediate production schedule updates.


  • Detailed lot and reticle scheduler

  • Powerful mathematical algorithms to produce accurate, real-time schedules

  • Configurable user interface to construct business objectives and visualize results

  • Pre-built, highly flexible lithography operating scenarios and constraints library

  • Easy integration of factory and equipment-level data from external sources

  • Seamless integration with Applied APF RTD® for fast transfer of schedules

  • Scalable architecture for future expansion


  • Increases litho cell capacity to enable more wafers per hour, avoiding incremental capital spending

  • Demonstrated litho cell tool utilization greater than 1%

  • Reduces litho operating costs

  • Improves on-time customer delivery

  • Provides rapid ROI greater than 75%

  • Fast deployment

Customer Results

With SmartSched, customers can defer or eliminate investment in additional lithography equipment by increasing litho utilization. After deploying SmartSched in production, historical data from one customer showed:

  • >1% improvement in litho utilization

  • 2.1% throughput improvement