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Applied SmartFactory® MES

MES SmartFactory
Coordinate manufacturing operations to increase
production control output

Can you execute globally coordinated efficient manufacturing operations, produce high quality products at reduced costs and enhance margins with increased visibility across a network of factories? Yes, you can with Applied SmartFactory MES.

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Enable Manufacturing Excellence

Applied SmartFactory MES is an out‐of‐the‐box factory automation solution that monitors and streamlines the flow of materials throughout a manufacturing facility. It provides a powerful means for managing and controlling factory operations, enabling manufacturing operation excellence. With Applied SmartFactory MES, you can manage equipment performance, advance your future growth strategies, and improve your return on assets, yield and quality.

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Improve Time‐to‐market And On‐time Delivery

Applied SmartFactory MES helps customers boost productivity and integrate production operations at key points along the enterprise to improve time‐to‐market and on‐time delivery. It offers faster setup and deployment, and through its enterprise execution framework, you can integrate your business and manufacturing processes to help you run efficient, high quality production on the shop floor.

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Enable Quick Production Ramp

Applied SmartFactory MES enables the production ramp of emerging technologies to high‐volume manufacturing while, at the same time, providing a fully integrated system for WIP and equipment tracking, lot dispatching, recipe management, wafer management, experiment management, engineering and production data collection. It delivers immediate availability of factory reports and dashboards for better inventory control and improved decision making.

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