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Applied SmartFactory® Rx Analytics & Control

Analytics & Control
Drive plant reliability and performance with advanced processing & control

Pharma manufacturing processes are tightly defined and constrained to meet stringent quality, safety and compliance standards. Within those constraints, however, significant opportunities exist to increase throughput and yield, reduce scrap and improve process capability. To capture this opportunity, SmartFactory Rx Analytics & Control offers an intelligent process control platform created to drive pharma manufacturing plants to unprecedented levels of productivity, while ensuring quality and compliance.

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Diagnose and predict faults

Tune production with advanced analytics that effectively monitor the performance of processes at the finest level of detail and prevent faults before they occur. Engineers rapidly identify root causes of process deviations and devise corrective actions using drag-and-drop tools to conduct drill-down analysis of the process’ parameters and material attributes.

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This is accomplished by collecting real-time data from connected sensors so operational behavior patterns of equipment are characterized by using machine learning and deep learning techniques. Leveraging the power of multivariate data analysis and other advanced analytics, this platform provides intelligent condition monitoring of the process and equipment, capable of predicting and diagnosing anomalies before the actual failure occurs. Machine learning techniques enable the system to evolve and become smarter over time recognizing abnormal versus normal operating conditions by self-learning new equipment behaviors. This intelligent system enables maintenance to be accurately predicted and prescribed to prevent unexpected machine breakdown while ensuring maximal asset utilization and minimal downtime.

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Actively control processes

Reduce variability, achieve Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and meet economic targets by actively controlling processes through a model-based optimization scheme. The automation, created through visual tools that don’t require software coding skills, provides assurance that the process continuously remains in a state of tight control.

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Track critical process and quality attributes

Monitor process and equipment performance attributes, analyzing states and timing down to sub-second levels. SmartFactory Rx Analytics & Control has an open architecture enabling component-level analysis of data from existing sensors, instrumentation and MES systems so users can identify and fix hard-to-detect process variations and support Ongoing Process Verification (OPV) and Continued Process Verification (CPV).