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Raider® Mini ECD

The Raider M is an automated, high-performance single-wafer ECD system. It features a precision, fully automated wafer handling system coupled with individual process chambers and is compatible with automated chemical management systems. Processes and recipes developed on the Raider M plaform are directly transferable to the high volume manufacturing Raider GT ECD system, making the move from R&D to full production seamless and immediate.

  • Advanced metal deposition chambers
  • One or two process chambers
  • 150, 200, or 300mm wafer sizes
  • Built to SEMI S2/S8 guidelines
  • Mini-environment with ionization
  • Open cassette, SMIF, and FOUP load stations
  • Small footprint (<2m²)
  • Flexible design
  • Advanced processing


  • Electrolytic metal deposition (Cu, Au, Ni, Solder Alloys, etc.)
  • Lead-free plating development
  • 3-D Chip stacking R&D