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TechEdge™ Excursion Control

What it Does

TechEdge Excursion Control is a new technology-enabled advanced service offering that:

  • Reduces or eliminates process excursions that impact yield and unscheduled downtime.

  • Diagnoses and monitors process performance based on customer prioritization to identify operational shifts that correlate to undesirable process quality or device performance.

  • Uses a combination advanced sensor tracking technology and certified TechEdge engineers to deliver expanded process data reporting capability to customers.

  • Is delivered using E3 process data collection capability and analysis systems.

  • Includes an experienced team of process, tool, and FDC experts who:
    • Create specific FDC models and E3 strategies to diagnose, detect, and proactively respond to critical tool issues; when an issue arises, automated notification includes customer e-mail as well as optional lot/equipment holds to prevent product and process quality variation.

    • Provide problem description and tool/chamber and lot identification.

    • Perform necessary diagnostics and corrective actions to resolve issues.

    • Analyze issues and provide improvements through weekly and monthly meetings and strategic recommendations and economic impact in quarterly reviews.

TechEdge Excursion Control is a value-add option that complements existing service offerings by providing a more proactive “predict and prevent” approach. It can be sold as an option to customers with Applied Managed Service (AMS) or Applied Performance Service (APS) to help deliver additional tool performance that is not part of these standard service product entitlements. It uses the FDC model library and proprietary technology to increase predictive maintenance capability and add value to established contract commitments.

What it Offers

Unlike internal excursion control or fault detection systems, which can be costly to develop and maintain, TechEdge Excursion Control is the only advanced excursion control service that combines tool, process, and FD experts, together with E3 software and FDC model library.


  • Unique and powerful FDC Model Library

  • Advanced FDC system providing sophisticated diagnosis and monitoring for real-time notification of process issues

  • Team combining specialized TechEdge engineer, process experts, and tool experts to solve complex process issues

  • Customer executive and engineering-driven prioritization to focus on key factory issues

  • E3 model development, deployment and maintenance methodology

  • Quarterly performance analysis providing quantified benefits


  • Increases line yield

  • Reduces unscheduled down time

  • Quickly corrects process quality issues identified by yield engineering

  • Decreases costs

  • Increases product quality and ability to deliver product predictably

  • Reduces resource requirements, enabling greater focus on core competencies

Customer Results

TechEdge Excursion Control has documented value cases with very specific measurements of improvement for the customer. Some examples of delivered benefits during a one year contract include:

  • 80% reduction in scrapped wafers for a failure mode that was scrapping 100 wafers per year on 12 tools

  • 100% reduction in unscheduled downtime (UDT) for a failure mode causing 477 hours of unscheduled downtime on 12 tools

  • 100% reduction in unscheduled downtime (UDT) for a failure mode causing 237 hours of unscheduled downtime on 12 tools