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Tony Chao

Tony Chao

Senior Investment Director
General Manager
Applied Ventures, LLC

Tony Chao joined Applied Ventures in 2007 and brings with him two decades worth of experience in technology entrepreneurship and venture capital. At Applied Ventures, Mr. Chao is responsible for general fund operations and his investment focus areas include the Internet of Things, robotics, genomics/biologics, semiconductors, displays, solid state lighting, and opportunities in Asia. Some of his investments include SunEdison (exited), Infinite Power Solutions, Inc. (exited), Grandis (exited), Liquavista (exited), Fortix, Semprius, Inc. Twist Bioscience Corporation, Enki Technology, and Inpria Corporation. He currently serves as Applied's board observer for Tera-Barrier Films, Adesto Technologies, Halation Photonics, Tsukuba Seiko, and RayVio Corporation.

Prior to Applied Ventures, Mr. Chao was with Mustang Ventures based in Shanghai, China and served in leadership roles at numerous startups in the Boston area, including Director of Engineering at Cymfony (acquired by TNS Media Intelligence) and Lobby7 (acquired by ScanSoft/Nuance).

Mr. Chao holds bachelor of science and master degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT, as well as a bachelor’s degree in management science. He also holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School.