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Endura® Al PVD

The Endura Al Slab PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) system deposits aluminum over tungsten plugs in Logic and DRAM devices to form metal wiring. The system provides superior electromigration resistance and surface morphology as well as low cost of ownership and high system reliability.

Extending PVD Al slab technology to sub-65nm, the Endura PVD Al Slab system incorporates the production-proven Durasource TTN (Ti/TiN) chamber with the high-productivity Al HP PVD chamber. Integrated on the production-proven Endura mainframe, the system delivers superior Al interconnect stacks with high throughput and excellent particle performance.

Endura Advanced Warm Aluminum Fill with ALPS
The Endura Advanced Warm Aluminum system, with ALPS (Advanced Low-Pressure Source) Al as the seed layer, extends PVD Al filling technology to ≤90nm via-level memory applications. ALPS Al is a PVD process performed at low pressure and large target-to-wafer distance which creates directional flux of deposited species in the process cavity, resulting in increased sidewall and bottom coverage. The ALPS Al process delivers superior step coverage in small-dimension vias and contacts of less than 250nm.