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Applied SmartFactory® Rx™ Operations Productivity

Operations Productivity
Reclaim capacity, maximize throughput, real-time adaptive scheduling
Operations Productivity

SmartFactory Rx Operations Productivity reclaims capacity, maximizes throughput and real-time adaptive scheduling.

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Reclaim manufacturing capacity through optimization
  • Automated sense and response to plant floor anomalies

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Digital Transformation

Quality Control Labs
Improved efficiency through optimized scheduling (4 min 29)
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Web-enabled Scheduling
Bringing pharma scheduling out of the dark ages (1 min 23)
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Optimizing Media and Buffer Prep
Reclaiming capacity in highly constrained plant resources (1 min 51)
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Good vs Best
How algorithms consistently drive decision-making in pharma manufacturing (59 min)
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Scheduling 4.0
Why pharma needs real
real-time adaptive scheduling software (1 hr)
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Adapt or Fall Behind
Surviving and thriving in the competitive jungle of plant operations scheduling and IIoT
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It’s Not Magic
Optimum buffers delivered just-in-time
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Case Studies

 Operations Productivity Case Study (0.54 MB)


Towards Pharma 4.0; Leveraging Lessons From Silicon Valley, Saly Romero-Torres, Ph.D., James Moyne, Madhav Kidambi, February 2017