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U.S. Veterans

The Applied Materials Program

Applied Materials provides complete training and transition assistance to qualified military professionals and works with regional military transition centers to match members of the armed services with rewarding career opportunities. That’s because we recognize the U.S. military provides an ideal pipeline for new hires.

Enlisted Personnel

You already have the skills for a career at Applied Materials—your military experience, and the discipline to perform under pressure.

At Applied, you will receive all the training you need to build on your existing skills. Throughout your career with us, you will continue to learn about exciting new technologies, because we work at the leading edge of nanomanufacturing. You will have plenty of challenges, as well as specific plans and procedures for surmounting them.

As a Customer Engineer, you will work and live in one of 65 international locations. You might work in-house with a major consumer electronics or solar panel manufacturer, or as a standby consultant for several smaller customers.

As a Support Engineer, when customers halfway across the country or around the world needs support, you will fly out, solve their problems—and fly back a few days later to tackle the next project.

As time goes on, you will have opportunities to take higher positions in management—many fellow ex-military personnel have made lifelong careers with us.

We are eager to review your resume and start discussing your options in a career with Applied Materials. We look forward to meeting you, and sincerely hope you decide to join our ranks.


You are well prepared for a management position at Applied Materials. Your experience in evaluating, assigning, motivating, organizing, and supporting people engaged in critical missions will serve you well. Your self-discipline, ability to make prompt decisions under pressure, and international experience are all powerful assets.

As a General Manager, Supply Chain Manager, or Project Manager, you will work and live in one of 65 international locations. You will facilitate developments at the forefront of technology in computing and energy. You will be given all the resources you need to support your staff. You will have the opportunity to enjoy stable, lasting relationships at home and at work. And Applied’s continuing growth in new markets will give you many opportunities for advancement.

We invite you to search for a position with Applied Materials today by searching for experienced jobs or submitting your résumé profile. We offer a warm welcome, and sincerely hope you choose to join forces with us.

Visit Career Events to find out which Experienced Professional and Military Base Career Fairs we will be attending.


Through its commitment to diversity and corporate citizenship Applied Materials over the years has earned top rankings on numerous corporate lists including:

Top 100 Most Military-Friendly Employers 2017

"Top 100 Most Military-Friendly Employers 2017" by G.I. Jobs Magazine