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Careers at Applied's Varian Semiconductor Business Unit

Fusion Engineering Development Program

Who is Varian

Varian is Applied Materials Varian Business Unit. Varian designs, manufactures, and services semiconductor processing equipment utilized in the fabrication of integrated circuits (IC). Varian is dedicated to meeting the rigorous demands of IC production and satisfying the ion implantation needs of IC manufacturers worldwide. With over 3,300 state of the art high current, medium current, and high energy implanters installed throughout the world, Varian Semiconductor systems implant more than 5 million wafers each and every day -- more than all of our competitors combined.

Fusion Program

Fusion is Varian’s college graduate program which is designed to attract, assimilate, grow and retain the most talented engineers entering the industry today.


Varian’s recruiting process begins by visiting academic institutions across the country, with particular focus on top engineering schools in the Northeast. Our goal is to identify and hire top engineering talent.

Fusion Member Skills

Varian is looking for well-rounded, intelligent, and motivated candidates with a passion for getting results. Individuals with these characteristics will allow Varian to develop a successful engineering team and continue to lead the semiconductor marketplace.

Engineering Rotational Assignments

During the first two years of employment at Varian, Fusion members go through a series of rotational work assignments. The rotations typically consist of three or four unique engineering departmental assignments and one manufacturing department assignment. These rotations help Fusion members and managers determine where the Fusion member will flourish in their full time position at Varian.

These assignments usually last between 6-8 months each. Fusion members are given the opportunity to explore the wide variety of positions and opportunities within the engineering organization. Assignments could include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing and running various engineering-disciplined FEA models and scenarios
  • Engineering a thermal management strategy and system for our ion implanters
  • Creating test stands for verifying designs prior to customer deployment
  • Engineering Varian-specific Mixed Signal circuits for use in our control system
  • Designing and customizing aspects of the wafer handling system

…and many more opportunities yet to be created!

Manufacturing Rotational Assignment

The manufacturing rotational assignment provides engineers with a hands-on learning experience in our manufacturing department. Assignments can include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with a manufacturing team to build assemblies of which Varian’s implanters are comprised
  • Testing sections of the implanter, or testing the whole implanter to verify proper operation prior to shipping to a customer
  • Traveling to a customer site virtually anywhere in the world to assist on installing and testing of a new customer machine

Fusion Peer Mentoring

As a participant in the Fusion program, Fusion members have access to Fusion mentors who will personally guide members of the incoming Fusion class through their first few months at Varian, making themselves readily available for answering questions and providing guidance.

Fusion Training

Fusion members are offered exclusive training throughout the program in many important developmental areas including:

  • Technical instruction
  • Business aptitude
  • Communication skills

Continuing Education

In addition to the extensive onsite training, Fusion members are encouraged to pursue advanced degrees by taking advantage of Varian’s tuition reimbursement program. Varian works with its employees in their quest for higher education by offering competitive tuition reimbursement and a supportive work environment.


The Fusion program offers a unique opportunity to network with colleagues and executives from day one. Through formal introductions with executives, team building exercises with colleagues and hands on work experience, Fusion members are immediately immersed in the corporate culture in order to hit the ground running.

Corporate Culture and Socialization
Varian embraces the need for camaraderie in the workplace understanding that if fosters collaboration and teamwork. Through exclusive outings and group events the Fusion program allows for members to quickly acclimate and form lasting relationships in the industry.